Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  What are your hours?

A.  We are open daily 7 am to 12:30 pm.  Closed Wednesdays.  Watch for longer hours from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  We may also close on occassion to give our hard-working staff much needed breaks.  We post these closings on our Facebook page and make Google announcements as well.

Q.  Do you have a second location in Kitty Hawk?

A.  No, Steve & Kristine Kiousis own the Stack 'em High Diner in Kitty Hawk.  We are Stack 'em High Pancakes and So Forth in Kill Devil Hills, the Outer Banks' Original Pancake House.   The two establishments are separately owned and operated and support seperate websites and social media platforms.

We are located at 1225 S Croatan Hwy, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948.

Q.  Do you accept reservations?

A.  We do not accept reservations.  We are a first come, first serve restaurant.  On busy days, we usually have a host to greet you at the door to help accommodate your party.

Q.  Can we send someone from our party ahead in line to reserve a table?

A.  The flow of our restaurant works best when we follow the first come, first order, first sit, first serve model.  A member of our team will help accommodate your large party or special needs.  Our goal is to seat you in a space that works best for everyone.  Don't worry.  We got this!

Q.  Do you accept take-out orders?

A.  Yes, we are happy to box your order to go.  However, we do not accept to-go orders over the phone.  We are a first come, first serve restaurant whether you are eating in the dining room or taking your order to go.

Q.  So, if I am ordering take-out I still have to wait in line?

A.  Yes.  Simply let the cashier know you would like to take your order to go.  The person in front of you waited the same amount of time you did.  All is fair in love and breakfast.

Q.  I would like to leave a tip, but many different people provided us service.  How does that work?

A.  First of all, thank you!  Our front of the house employees work hard to make your dining experience as positive and pleasant as possible.  All gratuities are pooled and equally divided.  Many of our servers depend on those dollars to provide for their famlies.  Your acknowledgment of good service is appreciated by us all.

Q. Can I order Grateful Granola and have it shipped to my house?

A.  Yes!  Simply contact us at 252-441-7064 or at  We will be happy to help you!

Q. Do you provide free wi-fi?

A.  No.  We believe Stack 'em High to be a fun place to share a meal with your family and friends.  Don't worry about your text messages, they will still be there when you finish your short stack.  Also, bandwidth is somewhat of an issue on the Outer Banks.  We require as much as possible to operate our inhouse POS and credit card systems.  Besides, you don't want to get syrup all over your iphone!

Q.  Can I bring Fluffy in to eat with us?  She's a good dog and won't cause any trouble.

A.  Sorry, friends.  Pets are not allowed in the dining room.  And please, do not smuggle Fluffy in to the restaurant.  People will notice when your oversized purse starts moving across the floor.  The next step will be uncomfortable for both of us.  So leave Fluffy in the car with the windows down.  She's okay!  She's at the beach!  We will be happy to get her a bowl of water before, during or after your breakfast.  Of course, we welcome service and support animals.  Please feel free to talk to a manager if you have any questions or concerns.

Q.  Is it true I can't wear my t-shirt covered in swear words or slurs in your restaurant?

A.  That's affirmative!  We pride ourselves in being a family-friendly restaurant.  The day my then five year old daughter asked me why the man at the booth next to us wanted to "f#$@ this" was the day I decided to get real about the "no offensive clothing" policy.  Feel free to wear whatever you like, wherever you like.  However, when you are in our house, we would really prefer you take one for the team and throw on a sweatshirt.  Again, please don't.  It will be uncomfortable for both of us.

Q.  Who can I talk to about food allergies?

A.  We strive to train every staff member to be familiar with menu item ingredients and possible allergens.  However, if you have extreme allergies, please seek out a manager to discuss your needs.  We will be happy to navigate how best we can serve you.

Q.  Do you provide any gluten-free options?

A.  Yes!  At this time we do not offer gluten-free pancakes or waffles, but we do offer gluten-free french toast and gluten-free bread to be served with omelettes and egg platers.  These options are slightly more expensive but equally delicious!

Q.  Why is the amount of my bill different from the amount of my credit card receipt?

A.  In 2020, we adopted the charge back software for card transactions.  Three percent of your total bill will be assessed when not using cash to pay.  In an effort to keep our prices low and to continue to provide our employees with competitive wages, we adopted this new policy.  Let us assure you the decision to make this change was not made lightly.  In today's marketplace, independent businesses are increasingly being squeezed out.  We hope to be around for a while and making this change will help us to do so.  Of course, using cash is still a great option and incurs no extra cost.

Q.  What precautions is your busines taking to keep customers safe from coronavirus?

A. UPDATE MARCH 2024:  Undoubtedly, the Covid-19 outbreak and ensuing pandemic changed our lives forever.  We are grateful our business was able to survive.  However, we would be remiss to insinuate our professional family escaped unscathed.  Many of our staff members and customers lost family members to the virus in locations all over the globe.  We would like to thank the public institutions and healthcare communities that held fast to their mission to provide safe, healthy environments for the betterment and well-being of the common good.  And we thank you, our loyal customers, for complying with the temporarily necessary regulations that allowed us to navigate a scary and uncertain period of time.  We continue to encourage our staff to stay up to date with vaccinations and hold fast to our policies regarding mandatory time away from work during illness and/or exposure to contagions.   

UPDATE MAY 2023:  Covid-19 pandemic downgraded to an endemic.  All restrictions lifted.  However, management continues to monitor and to revise business practices to ensure a safe, comfortable dining experience.

UPDATE MAY 2021:  Governor Cooper has lifted the majority of Covid-19 restrictions including gathering and capacity limits, mask mandates and social distancing requirements for fully vaccinated individuals.  (Dare County is expected to make a similar announcement in the coming days.)  However, non-vaccinated patrons are asked to continue to wear their masks in our building until they are seated at their table.  We will employ the honor system for this practice.  We strongly encourage folks to consider the health and safety of those around them and make choices that benefit the greater good.  Such action and consideration is the only way to put the pandemic behind us all.  As of May 16, 2021, 64% of our staff is fully vaccinated.  By June we expect to have at least a 71% staff vacccination rate.  We have left the decision to use facial coverings to our staff who have received both vaccine doses and have passed the two week grace period.

UPDATE MARCH 2021:  All of last season's protocols will remain in place with the exception of our capacity limit being raised from 50% to 75% per the State of North Carolina guidelines.

UPDATE JUNE 2020:  Please click on the following link to read our business plan to adapt to Phase Two requirements.